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International Piano, March/April 2010, Page 63, Rachmaninov CD

“Elena Caldine’s performance in her recording with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Yablonsky is articulate and energetic, if musically conservative.  At times she holds temps back, as in Var. 5 or midway through Var. 15, for emphasis and clarity.”


Micaele Sparacino – – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Landon Symphonette, February 2009

“Ms. Ulyanova’s performance of the Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini was nothing short of dazzling. She is a Lioness at the Keyboard, playing with more strength and technique than most men. In fact, her playing, marked by power and poetry, recalled to mind the legendary Gina Bachauer. It was breathtaking to watch her fingers flying over the keys, and the sound she drew from the piano was amazing.” “…a truly exciting performance distinguished by verve and panache. She is an artist not to be missed!”


Terry McNeill – Classical Sonoma – Concerts Grand Series Recital, November, 2008

“Any uncertainty about Ulyanova’s command of Rachmaninoff’s bravura was swept away with an orchestral performance of the great Sonata [no. 2], in the Horowitz edition. The finale brought out all of the pianist’s heavy artillery – massive broken octaves, endurance, wide skips and brilliant passage work. The individual parts of the sonata often seem greater than the whole, but Ulyanova brought opulent passion that conquered all.”


Fred Kirshnit- New York Sun – Bargemusic Recital, May, 2008

“…Ms. Ulyanova’s delicate performance of Claude Debussy’s “Ondine.” She wove a diaphanous web for her aquatic sprite, suggestion rather than declamation fingered lovingly. As the little concert hall rocked back and forth, Ms. Ulyanova crept into the complex harmonic world of “Brouillards (Mists)” and kept her listeners afloat and a bit enchantingly lost in the fog. This was very lovely music making.”


Piano Wereld Magazine – Amsterdam, August, 2005

“You cannot deny the panache of the Russian piano player Elena Ulyanova. She intensifies showpieces such as the Mefisto Waltz and the Tarantella from a Liszt produced in Russia, with all the restlessness of a wild breathing and rumbling volcano, which rarely slows down.”


International Rachmaninoff Society – September, 2006

“Elena Ulyanova gives an impressive performance of the [Rachmaninoff] Second Concerto, with much lyrical warmth, and an especially fine slow movement. The [Paganini Rhapsody’s] strong contrasts seem tailor made for her, and she rises to the challenge quite brilliantly in the outer sections, playing with remarkable flair and vitality.”


Professor Victor Merzhanov, Moscow Conservatory – March, 2000

“Elena Ulyanova is one of the most gifted musicians of the Moscow Conservatory. She has great virtuosity, brilliant and artistic temperament, unique interpretive expression, and a rich sound palette.”


Roy Gillinson, Beethoven Society of America – November, 2006

“A phenomenal gifted performer!! Her performance for the Beethoven Society was a rare treat!”


Seymour Bernstein – April, 2007

“Fantastic! I finally heard Elena’s CD of Rachmaninoff’s Concerto in C minor and the Rhapsody. What can one say to such playing? It’s magnificent, both musically and technically. I send her my highest praise and admiration for such fantastic playing.”


Dr. Raymond T. Jackson – August, 2007

“FANTASTIC AND INSPIRED, I couldn’t just listen while doing something else…I had to stop everything to just sit and listen. Elena’s [Fitzgerald Theater concert] performance was absolutely wonderful and riveting from beginning to end!”


Vladimir Leyetchkiss, DePaul University – April, 2007

“A brilliant pianist.”


Owen E. Walton, Musicweb International – September, 2006

“Ulyanova’s playing in the [Rachmaninoff concerto no.2] first movement is generally very fine. There is an admirable clarity to her fingerwork and she really lets us hear the various simultaneous strands that permeate the solo writing.”

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